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A Beautiful Demise started with Dave and Dirt jamming after school back in 8th grade. They only played covers. I (Brian) got a bass guitar for christmas I believe in 8th grade and started jammin with them. Daves older brother sang for us and played guitar as well. By the time we got to high school we were still only playing covers and just having a good time. Then during the last Trimester of 10th grade a girl named Charla introduced us to a guy named Ryan who played guitar and was looking for a band. We hooked up with him and started playing at his house after school and on the weekends. We started writing orginal songs but had no singer. After no luck with singers for almost 2 years I quit playing bass and started singing and everything just sorta started falling in place after that. We aren't trying to be the most hardcore band or the heaviest band or any of that shit we just like to rock out. We write m usic that you can chill to and still rock out to.